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Belgian Feather Bowling

Wooden “cheese wheel” shaped balls are rolled down a trough shaped alley towards a feather sticking out the opposite end of the lane. The object of the game is to get the ball as close to the feather as possible. Teams take turns rolling 12 balls (6 for each team) and may knock their opponent's balls out of the way, similar to bocce ball. The team with balls closest to the feather at the end of the round wins 1 point per ball. The Painted Duck is a distinguished drinkery, duckpin bowling and gaming parlour where camaraderie meets rivalry. When you’re done feather bowling for the night, enjoy other games such as horseshoes, deck shuffleboard, toad in the hole, airhockey, snookball and knuckleball and more. The cuisine is “backyard barfare” and the beverage program focuses on signature and classic cocktails, artisanal wines and craft beer.
976 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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